Visionworks Productions A Christmas Carol
Visionworks are a Portsmouth based productions company that seek to glorify God through the arts.

The aim of what we do is simple; we use our talents in production to share the message of God’s love. As a group of talented professionals, we produce stage shows and make films to try to reach and bless as many people as possible. We endeavour to produce high-quality, thought-provoking entertainment that can be enjoyed by all. We recognise that the arts are an incredibly accessible thing for people from all walks of life and think that these shared experiences can help bring us together.

As a Christian company, we put God at the centre of all of our productions and work to produce shows and films that honour His vision for the company. We really do believe that His vision works!

The future…

We love our city and we love the people in it. We want to be able to continue to bless them with new and exciting projects and to do this we need to continue to grow.

In everything we do we are guided purely by God’s vision for the company and so the future is in his hands. However, to give you an idea of the kinds of projects on our hearts at the moment, below is a short list of future prospects…

Reach out and bless our community:

  • Workshop and produce productions that raise awareness of community issues.
  • Work with existing services to provide community projects for disadvantaged younger people.
  • Provide a steady stream of affordable, accessible and high-quality shows.

Create new productions:

  • Write, produce, workshop and tour original shows which glorify God.
  • Give new creative talent a nurturing environment in which they can write and produce original work.
  • Enable aspiring crew such as lighting and set designers the opportunity to discover hidden talents.

Educate and enable future talent:

  • Training new and existing generations in the performance arts, vocal technique and acting.
  • Give new talent the opportunity to workshop, develop and perform new shows in the city and beyond.
  • Provide fun, affordable summer schools.

If you are able and would like to support Visionworks through a one-off donation, please click the button below.

If you have a particular query, please feel free to get in touch here.