Visionworks Productions Committee

Announcement: Visionworks Committee

Visionworks is at an exciting moment!  Following the success of Godspell and A Christmas Carol, the company is looking forward to great things ahead. In the past, a lot of the work has been on the shoulders of myself, my parents and my wife. However, for Visionworks to achieve all God has in store we are expanding the team and pleased to announce our new committee.

Each member of the committee is passionate about Visionworks and excited about the future. I hope you will join with me in welcoming them all…

David Clements
Committee Chair
Although David and Anita have moved from Portsmouth, they are still keen to be involved with Visionworks. David will remain as Committee Chair, although will not attend regular meetings nor deal with the day-to-day running of the company.

Chris Marsh
Vice Chair
Chris will support David, particularly with the day-to-day duties. Chris’ input on the financial side of Visionworks has proved invaluable and will remain a key responsibility of his.

Paul Clements
Artistic Director
Working closely with the Chair and Vice Chair, Paul’s ideas and plans for future productions will be instrumental in leading the company.

Dan Taylor
Working closely with Chris, Dan will ensure our finances are in order so that we have the money to produce our shows.

Liz Blaber
Responsible for the oversight of choreography in the company, Liz will act as a key contact for shows and future dance workshop plans.

Mark Gandey
Media Lead
Working on the Visio
nworks brand, Mark will co-ordinate advertising material, social media, programmes and the website to provide a consistent Visionworks message.

Daisy Gandey
Community and Outreach Lead
Daisy will be looking into ways in which Visionworks can support the local community of Portsmouth and make God’s name known through the arts.

Sarah Grimm
Business Lead
Focussing on the Company Constitution, Sarah will work with Chris to set out who we are as a company and our plans for the future.

Daniel Marshall
atron and Partnership Co-Ordinator
Daniel will communicate with the Visionworks Patron and Partners, providing updates and news on future s
hows, workshops and productions.

Paul Clements – Artistic Director